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NASA Will Pay People $19,000 To Stay In Bed For 2 Months

NASA Will Pay People $19,000 To Stay In Bed For 2 Months


As much as the same number of us would love to stay in bed throughout the day, stare at the TV, and don't to go for work, that is not how this present reality functions and a considerable lot of us have to get up, go to class, go to our employments, and be dependable residents of society. Be that as it may, there is some uplifting news for the individuals who need to remain in bed and still get paid.

NASA has as of late reported that they are searching for members who are happy to remain in bed for a decent two entire months, and to compensate your endeavors, NASA will pay these people $19,000. No, NASA isn't a philanthropy association that advocates you remaining in bed and doing nothing, yet rather the association needs to take a gander at the impacts of "counterfeit gravity" on the human body to check whether it has any advantages to space explorers who may spend quite a while in space.

There will be two gatherings associated with this analysis, where one gathering will be pivoted around in a rotator like a counterfeit gravity load. This will drive blood again into their limits. The other gathering won't be moved by any stretch of the imagination. They will lead every one of their exercises while resting, which incorporates eating, staring at the TV, perusing, etc.

It is a fascinating analysis, in spite of the fact that we envision that eventually in time, an excess of time in bed may really not be such something to be thankful for. For the individuals who are keen on applying for the activity, head on over to NASA Germany's site for the subtleties.