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Fat Man In The Kitchen

Fat Man In The Kitchen


That was the same annoying sound, "Fat Man in the kitchen! Fat Man in the kitchen!" and Jason got caught by his wife, Teressa.
"You are eating something at this time of the night again?" she cried.
He didn't say anything and returned to his bed. "I am going to kill this ugly bird" he thought. He disliked the parrot very much and he couldn't get rid of it no matter what he did. One day he let the parrot go out of the window but it returned the same evening. He began to wish that someone would kill it and he was getting obsessed with that idea. Finally he sprayed the bird with a bug killer one night.
"Well, bird" he said, "Now that you kicked the bucket, I can walk freely in the kitchen" and he returned to his bed immediately. "It is not a big crime" he thought happily.
He woke up with the screams of his wife the following morning. He went to the kitchen and found Teressa holding the dead parrot. He pretended to be sad about the bird. He even exaggerated his mourn so that his wife wouldn't suspect him.
He was happy with the death of the bird and he could go to the kitchen whenever he wanted now. However, this happiness didn't last long. On his birthday, his wife got him the best present one week later. Teressa thought that he was so sad about the parrot and she bought a new one for her husband.